31 Vibrant Gorgeous Murals By Natalia Rak

Natalia Rak is a Poland based street artist. Born in 1986, she uses brightly colored paint to do multistory murals on the sides of buildings in her country. But she also does international work.

She started painting canvases but later switched to street art. Nowadays, many know her as a world-renowned street artist.

Graduate of Art High School in Radom, she then studied Fine Art at the University of Lodz in Poland. And she focused mainly in graphic design.

Her subjects are usually murals of one or two individuals. Rak mostly paints women. Her larger than life paintings try to invoke both mystery and metaphor.

In many of her murals, she uses classic stories like Adam and Eve and Romeo and Juliet. She started showing her work in street art exhibitions in 2009.

Besides Poland, she has painted murals in cities like Dunedin, Ragusa, Providence, Berlin, Napa, Port Adelaide, and many more.

1. Rendezvous

Photo: Instagram.com

Almost every mural by Natalia has a hidden message in the form of a metaphor. And we start with an amazing one.

2. Countryside Girl

Photo: Instagram.com

Girls and women are the main subject in Rak’s murals. She shows women in different scenarios and scenes. And this one showcases the life of a country girl.

3. Midsummer Night

Photo: Instagram.com

One thing we can say for sure about Rak’s paintings is the colors are amazing. She is a master at bringing different colors. And they look as vivid and lively as possible. But also look at that contrast between the girl and the wreath in her hair.

4. Spellbound

Photo: Instagram.com

We said in the beginning that Natalie wants to add a touch of mystery to her paintings. And that is exactly the point here. You have to look for a couple of minutes into the painting before you find the true meaning.

5. Butterfly Queen

Photo: Instagram.com

Women should be queens. And they should go through the same five stages, including caterpillar and pupa, the transition stage. And in the end, they will end up like beautiful butterflies.

6. Dyzio Marzyciel

Photo: Instagram.com

Julian Tuwin is the Polish author that wrote the story. He also used the pseudonym Oldien as a lyricist. He was a Polish poet of Jewish origin, born in Lodz. This painting is one of the few by Natalia where women are not the main subject.

7. Black Pearl

Photo: Instagram.com

You can not find a painting by Natalie without amazing colors in it. Even when the focus is on a black subject, she manages to bring colors to the mural.

8. Explore Nature

Photo: Instagram.com

We should try and spend more time in nature. But when you explore nature, try to be careful with your surroundings. Respect nature, and you will be rewarded.

9. Let There Be Light

Photo: Instagram.com

We said in the beginning that mystery is a huge part of Natalie’s paintings. This painting is an excellent example of how she uses simple stories and adds a touch of mystery to them.

10. Currents To Unknown

Photo: Instagram.com

Speaking of mysterious paintings and the metaphor in them, just take a look at this one. The message about unknown destinations might be clear, but how do we end up there?

11. The Fern Flower

Photo: Instagram.com

The fern flower meaning is the focal point of this painting. What is the mystery or myth? Well, according to the myth, this flower blooms for a very short time on the eve of the summer solstice. And it brings fortune to the person who finds it. There are various versions of the tale, but the meaning is almost always the same.

12. Waiting For Tomorrow

Photo: Instagram.com

Here is another Rak’s painting that doesn’t depict a woman. But it is a man waiting. He might be waiting for his loved one?

13. Resurrection

Photo: Instagram.com

The painting shows a metaphoric meaning of resurrection and all of the phases we need to go to get there. Do you believe in resurrection?

14. When Arrows Are Not Enough

Photo: Instagram.com

Do not take this painting as an encouragement to use guns. Natalia is against violence. The painting is a metaphor that when your technique doesn’t yield results, you should up the ante.

15. Tomorrow Never Come

Photo: Instagram.com

The painting is part of the series about waiting and waiting. Just like Estragon and Vladimir waited for Godoh. But he never came. This main waited for tomorrow, but tomorrow never came.

16. Watering The Tree of Life

Photo: Instagram.com

The tree of life symbolizes one’s individuality as trees are all unique with their branches. Every tree has branches at different points and in different directions. The tree of life is a symbol of person’s growth into a unique human being. And watering the tree means encouraging yourself to grow as a person.

17. Magic Book

Photo: Instagram.com

There are many things you can find in a magic book. What spell would you use?

18. Love Is In The Air

Photo: Instagram.com

We said Rak uses classic stories, but sometimes changes them to a more modern setting. You can think of this painting as a classic love story.

19. Mermaid Song

Photo: Instagram.com

Mermaids are ancient Greece creatures that invited and attracted men with their song. And then, they killed them. Now that is nice mystery, right?

20. Narcissus

Photo: Instagram.com

Natalia draws a lot of inspiration from Greek mythology and myths. This one is about Narcissus, the son of river god Cephissus and the nymph Liriope. He was distinguished for his beauty, but his rejection of the love of the nymph Echo or the young man Ameinias drew upon the vengeance of the gods. To this day, we use the word narcissist to describe someone loving only himself.

21. Predators

Photo: Instagram.com

Who is the predator here? The animal or humans? That is a question for the modern society we live in. Are we the predators destroying natural habitat of animals all over the world?

22. Ophelia

Photo: Instagram.com

Ophelia is one of the most famous characters in English literature. She appears in William Shakespeare’s drama Hamlet. As a young noblewoman of Denmark, she is the potential wife of Prince Hamlet. But due to his actions, she ends up in a state of madness that leads to her drowning.

23. Tree Of Life

Photo: Instagram.com

Here is another depiction of the tree of life. Only this time, an animal carries the tree on himself. We leave the explanation and meaning to you.

24. Romeo And Juliet

Photo: Instagram.com

This is the modern view of the classic drama. At least in Natalia’s eyes. Romeo and Juliet are two of the most famous lovers in history. But because of the family’s dispute, they can never be together, only in death.

25. La Carte Du Tendre Oui Le GPS De L’amour

Photo: Instagram.com

This painting is another example of how amazing Natalia is and how she can incorporate myths and mystery in her paintings. The Map of Tendre was a French map of an imaginary land that appeared as an engraving in the first part of Madeleine de Scudery. The map represents the path towards love.

26. Fishing Dreams

Photo: Instagram.com

Another rare example of a male figure in Rak’s paintings. But it is all about a love story, as you can see, his bait for the fish is the heart symbol.

27. A.D. 2017

Photo: Instagram.com

Maybe this is how Natalia imagines in the year of our Lord. That is what AD stands for.

28. Adventure Time

Photo: Instagram.com

The world is an open field with adventure lurking at every step of the way. And this painting shows exactly that. Open a door and go on an adventure.

29. I Missed You

Photo: Instagram.com

Natalia is famous for depicting classic love stories in her murals. And by doing that, she gives them a special meaning.

30. Light Of Mine

Photo: Instagram.com

These three words are some of the most significant you can say to your loved one. The light is what helps us guide through life.

31. The Secret Garden

Photo: Instagram.com

This larger than life painting depicting a woman is a perfect example of Rak’s work. The world renowned artist is one of the best at painting mysterious women.

32. Natalia Rak

Here is the artist herself. Posing right in front of a love story painting.



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