21 Ideas On How to Decorate Your Table This Spring

The winter hibernating period is over, therefore it’s time to enjoy everything the spring season has to offer. Set the tone for all of the upcoming exciting events, such as Easter dinner, Mother’s Day brunch, and graduation parties, with these simple spring centerpieces. While any store-bought flower bouquet will add color and cheer to your table, these stunning DIYs will make a statement.

All of these centerpieces — dramatic floral arrangements, subtle place settings, and handcrafted table runners — are inspired by everything you love about springtime: blooming flowers, bright spring hues, hand-dipped Easter eggs, clean-scented candles, and more. Most of these table decorations feature fresh blooms and greenery (think tulips, daisies, rhododendrons, and ferns), but there are still plenty of options that will make an impression even if you forego the flowers entirely.

Consider these seasonal wreaths or décor ideas for the rest of your home if you want to expand the springtime florals and pastels beyond your dining room table. From modern decorative displays to beautiful floral arrangements, you’ll find a chic tablescape that speaks to your hosting style below.

Make your own if you want a certain colorful accent for your table and generic placements are the wrong color, the incorrect size, or don’t come in the pattern you want. For your springtime table, consider crafting these on-trend tassel placemats. And, if you can’t decide between one color or one pattern, doing both eliminates the need to compromise. These reversible placemats are simple to make.

To that end, we’ve compiled a collection of magnificent spring centerpieces and table decorations that will inspire you and ensure that your dinner guests are surprised and delighted throughout the season. If you enjoy flowers, consider different vases to fill with spring blooms. If you’re short on time, old spools packed with a single flower are simple to assemble but make a great statement. Do you need anything to round off your meal? Fill candy bowls with on-palette sweets made from dyed coffee filters.


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You must know how to prepare an elegant table if you enjoy entertaining at home and hosting dinner parties. Start by learning how to set a formal table that you can keep in a formal dining room or utilize for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and holidays. After that, you can be as creative as you want with your own ‘tablescape’ ideas. Like this one, with black ad rose-gold elements.

More Flowers Please

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The arrival of spring buds signals the end of the dreary winter days. On your table, a vibrant centerpiece of fresh flowers boosts the ambiance of your home. Make fresh flower napkin rings to add a pop of color to your table. For a full effect, tie in little buds from your spring centerpiece on the napkin rings.

Navy Napkins

blue 1
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Although royal or navy blue may seem strange as spring colors, this tablescape of blue, white, and lavender, filled with flowers, screams spring. The blue and white toile design works well with the floral centerpiece’s colors and forms. The floral rings and woven underplate pieces add an ultra-luxe, well-thought-out feel to the table.

Magical Pastels


The warmth and intimacy of farmhouse design don’t have to be limited to the dining room. Natural wood-toned pieces, such as braided chargers, are a good choice. To complete the rustic aesthetic, add striped or pastel tea towels between the main dish and the salad plate.

Flowery Wedding

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How cute is this wedding table? All-natural, wooden, pastel colors, greenery, and flowers. It’s the perfect setting for the perfect spring wedding. Everyone will enjoy this beautiful moment.

Fruits, Flowers, Fun

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The finest of both worlds—delicate flowers and luscious fruit—come together in this vivid table runner. To complete the natural effect, add some plants.

Chocolate Ester

welcome spring scaled

If you’re having guests for Easter, a rabbit or two might be a nice addition to your tablecloth. Consider making edible place cards out of chocolate bunnies. Unwrap a chocolate bunny from the store, attach a ribbon around its neck, and personalize each place setting for your visitors.

Hello Bunnies

green bunnies
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A bunch of bunnies running down the center of the table makes for a cute and joyful holiday table centerpiece. Set a rabbit at each place setting with a place card tucked between its paws as a bonus.

Blue As The Sky

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Fresh flowers provide a touch of elegance to a table setting, and they create an outstanding presentation with great attention to detail. Two to three centerpieces in the center of the table will provide color to the space.

Turquoise In Nature

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This arrangement of anemones, ferns, and eucalyptus adds texture to the table without the use of a vase. The exquisite woods vibe is further enhanced by speckled plates and matching Easter eggs.


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Of course, the tulip is lovely in our gardens, but it’s as lovely when it’s used to decorate a room in the house. It also has a distinct way of brightening up a table by infusing it with a joyful, spring-like vibe. The tulip, which blooms early or late in the spring, makes it simple to create stunning floral arrangements.

Over The Fence

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This is one of my favorites. Greene grass, white picket fence, and lovely pink plates. No need to mention all the decor ideas for Ester, I’ll just give you the perfect one: fill your mugs with chocolate eggs and put a bunny-shaped cookie next to them.

Green Simplicity

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Simple and elegant is sometimes the best way. If you have a dark-colored table, use a light table runner or lither plates as a base. But, you’ll want to put something that will pop up on the table. The green soup bowls are the perfect thing that will go well with a little greenery across the runner.

Baby Pink

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Brunch is an excellent way to give your Easter table a new, fresh look. Replace your china and linens with something more modern and clean. Pastel-colored plates are one of my favorites. Consider a predominantly pink design scheme with pops of muted hues like pastel blue, green, or white, as well as a large number of modern floral arrangements.

Yellow Themed

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Something as basic as a printed cloth napkin can inspire your table. Use the colors in the pattern to dictate the color of the flowers in your centerpiece if you have a set of colorful pastel napkins or see a collection you like. To choose the accent-colored plates, use the colors from the napkin.

Easter Grass

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Do you know what is always a good idea? Bringing a little nature into your home. Use all the greenery you can. You can add some rustic candle holders for a complete look and maybe even some tin flower pots.

Emerald And Gold

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This gold and emerald combination presents the whole table as more elegant and sophisticated. Use a dark green table cloth as a base, golden plates and silverware, napkin holders, and dark green napkins. If you can find some matching candles, that would complete the whole luxurious look.

Purple Tea Party

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It may look kinda girly, but this would make the perfect Easter tea party for grown-ups and kids. The flowers across the table make everything come alive and all the cute little bunnies and nest filled with Easter eggs, even the hand-made bunnies are making this the perfect table setting.

Knitted Decorations

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If you are a fan of knitted decorations, this is just the one for you. You can do it yourself if you can of course if not, you can buy them and still make your Easter table pure knitted perfection.

Very Flowery

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If you adore vintage appeal, antique store dinnerware can serve as a source of inspiration. Miscellaneous floral plates and a set of light pink hobnob Depression-era goblets were used to create this eclectic spring table.

Black And White Details

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Even something as simple as a patterned cotton napkin or a plate might inspire your table. If you have a set of beautiful pastel napkins or see a collection you like, use the colors in the pattern to dictate the color of the flowers in your centerpiece. Use the colors from the napkin to select the accent-colored plates.

I hope these were enough ideas on how to decorate your table this season. Spring brings fresh vibes into everything, so find the things you like and make your Easter special this spring. Please like and share with your friends, comment on which is your favorite. Till next time!



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