16 Fun Toy Storage Solutions To Help The Kids Stay Tidy

As wonderful as your little ones are, they sure leave chaos after them. The toy cars lying around, the scattered legos, and the Barbie dolls everywhere, are not exactly a sight for sore eyes.

Moreover, although having toys around the house does make it look more cheerful, they could also be a hazard. Have you ever found yourself surrounded by toys after you’ve just put them away? I’m sure that you have a system, but does it work?

You collect them, put them away, and somehow they never seem to be properly organized. I’m sure this has happened to you on more than one occasion. Small space, not enough storage room, faulty toy boxes… these are all valid reasons for having toys just lying around. However, the solution doesn’t lie in the space or storage room you already have. The trick is to create that toy space you lack.

Below are some awesome toy storage ideas that will save you space, time, and, frankly, a lot of grief.

Mirror Frame Toy Cars Storage

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This is an excellent solution for the toy cars you have around your home. You can either buy it or make this a fun DIY project. It’s a weirdly decorative and convenient way to keep toy cars in order. Whenever your little one needs a toy car, they can just roll it off the magnet and roll it back on when they are done. You need to keep in mind for this solution that the toy car wheels need to be metal; otherwise, they won’t stick.

Toy Car Magnet Racks

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Another great idea is to keep those toy cars lined up neatly. This space-saving idea will make things much easier for you and your kid. The magnet racks are easy to install, and you can put them anywhere you like. Since they are attached to the wall, they won’t take up any additional space, and they even might brighten up your room. Just like with the previous idea, this one also requires that the cars have metal wheels.

Label Boxes

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All you need for this storage solution are an old drawer closet, some boxes, self-adhesive paper, and a marker. This can be a great DIY project or a cheap purchase. Either way, it can make your life significantly easier. You can store any type of toy, and the best thing is, you won’t be digging through all of them to find the right one. Your kid can also put away their toys as they will be divided into categories and neatly labeled.

See-Through Boxes And Korbo Baskets

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Labeling your toy boxes is great, but what happens if you have a toddler who still can’t read? That’s why we’re here! You can organize the toys in see-through boxes and korbo baskets and place them wherever you have space. You can find these types of containers in many sizes, and you can choose the ones that best fit into your space. You can put them anywhere you like, or you can just place them on top of each other. Either way, the toys will be easily accessible, you won’t be digging through the boxes, and your little one can pick put the toys back on their own.

Barbie Doll Pockets

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Scattered Barbie dolls can be a significant problem. Not only that you risk hurting yourself if you accidentally step on one, but if you break it, we all know how bad its owner will cry. So to avoid such situations, tuck the Barbie dolls in door pockets. You can hang them on the wall or the door. Wherever you put them, you will still have your space, and your kid will always have their favorite Barbie handy.

Handing Board Games

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Another great storage solution is to keep your kid’s board games in place. Those board game pieces, dice, and cards you stumble upon all around the house will all be in the past. Having a space designated specifically for board games will save you a lot of space, especially since they will be stored vertically, with each game having its own place. You can hang this rack in the closet and never even have to see it. It is also an easy way for the little ones to organize their board games.

Plastic Shelves And Metal Grids

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Let’s not forget that kids also play outdoors. Whether for the backyard, the balcony, or the beach, your child also has outdoor toys that they don’t use as often. So, to avoid having plastic beach buckets, shovels, and balls taking up your indoor space, this storage solution is what you just might need. With a few plastic shelves and a grid, you will solve all of your problems. You can place them on your balcony, inside your garage, or in the backyard. They will keep the toys safe until your kid needs them.

Storage Pockets and Plastic Baskets

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The Barbie dolls aren’t the only ones you can fit in the door pockets. You can also add a few plastic baskets next to them, and you have entire toy storage for all of your kid’s toys. You can place the blocks, cars, dolls, and soft toys, all in one place, where your kid will always be able to find them. The best thing is, all of this goes on the door and the wall, so you will have your space fully at your disposal.

Mini Closet

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Placing the toys in a separate toy closet just for them is yet another practical solution. You will have them all in one place, they will be easily accessible for your kid, and they will be easy to organize. You can also combine this method with some plastic boxes if you want, but you don’t have to.

Wall Toy Baskets

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You can mount these baskets literally wherever you want, and you won’t know they are there. Since they are metal grid baskets, you will always see the toys and pick the one your kid wants without searching the entire pile. A word to the wise, though, this is a good solution for soft toys, don’t place the cars, blocks, or similar toys inside.

Kitchen Toy Rack

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This could be the same rack you have in your kitchen. But just because it’s intended for the kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you can’t repurpose it for toys. You can place it in one of the rooms, in the hall, on the balcony, or in the yard. It’s a vertical rack, so it won’t take up much space. Don’t put tiny toys, though, as they will slip right out. However, to make this a universal toy rack, just place plastic foil around the holders, and you can use it for all kinds of toys.

Book Shelf Toy Container

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Decorative, practical, space-saving, and multi-purposeful, this toy storage solution will not only resolve your toy storage problems but will also give you a nice relaxing area. Chances are you already have the base for this project- a bookshelf you don’t use. But if you don’t, it is a pretty cheap investment. All you need are some boxes of your choosing, and you have a great place to organize the toys, as well as a pleasant corner to have a cup of coffee.

Toy Net

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Probably the simplest one of all, this toy storage idea will save you space and keep your house in order. You will have the toys orderly placed, they will be easily accessible, and your area will remain intact. This project doesn’t require any special skills, nor do you need a budget. All you need are some nets, some nails, and a hammer.

Vertical Floor Shelves

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A small purchase away, or a DIY enterprise, this vertical floor shelf could be the answer you’ve been looking for. This is a very effective way to keep your kid’s toys organized and neat. Each compartment fits a specific toy category, so you will always have them handy. Moreover, you can mount the shelf on the wall behind it as a safety precaution.

Grid Toy Boxes

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Another ridiculously simple yet effective solution. Who knew that a few metal baskets would do the trick? You can place them wherever you want as you want them. They are stable and can hold a good amount of toys, so you will have great space-saving toy organization shelves. You and your kid will quickly get the toy you want and place it back when you no longer need it. The decorating options are countless; just spray paint the boxes, and voila! You have a perfect toy storage space.

Crate Storage

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This is an excellent option for toy cars, Barbie dolls, or any other smaller-size toys. All you need is a crate, toilet paper rolls, and glue. This storage solution will keep the toys neat and keep your space free of knick-knacks lying around. The best thing is, you can repurpose this toy space as your kid grows, as it can fit many types of items. Place it vertically or horizontally wherever you want. When your kid is done playing, you can put the crate on top of the closet or under the bed. Everything will be handy for the next playing session.

Organizing toys isn’t an easy task, especially when they keep piling up. We hope that you liked the ideas we gave you and that they will help bring order back to your home. Let us know which idea is your favorite and how it fits in your space. We would be glad to see your opinions in the comment section below!



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