32 Seth Globepainter’s Murals Rejoicing The Beauty Of Childhood

Born in Paris, Seth started to showcase his work on the walls in the city in the mid-1990s. But he became famous in the 20th district, where his specialization of painting characters made it to the graffiti scene.

Before becoming a full-time artist, he worked in the creative industries like advertising, cartoons, and comics. In the beginning, he painted in the street for his own pleasure.

In 2003, he went on a trip around the world to exchange with artists from different cultures and open up new ways of living and painting in urban areas.

That experience culminated in 2007 with the documentary series Les Nouveaux Explorateurs. In it, Seth proposed to discover a country through the prism of its urban arts. He was part of the project for five years, traveling to 15 countries in the process.

And during that artistic exploration, he discovered his distinct painting style. He often works on the topic and theme of childhood. He uses walls as his blank page to show local goods, myths, or tales. In his paintings, the child becomes a spokesperson, a messenger of his investigations.

His works are sensitive to the history of local communities. That enable the audience to trace a part of them rendered in the form of a colorful mural.

1. Gossip Kid

Photo: Instagram.com

Let’s start with a painting that shows the basic inspiration for Seth. He paints kids, and tries to send a message through them. And this one is pretty obvious. Gossiping is bad.

2. Wendy At The Window

Photo: Instagram.com

Here is another child trying to make it up in the world. Wendy shows us a message that peaking might be dangerous and get us in trouble.

3. Tahitian Dream

Photo: Instagram.com

Children all around the world have the same basic dream. To live happy and without worries. Not all kids have that luxury.

4. Ladder

Photo: Instagram.com

Climbing the ladder has a different meaning for kids and adults. But the end result might be the same. As you can see, once you climb the ladder, you are all alone. And probably lone up there.

5. Jack In The Box

Photo: Instagram.com

All this kid wants is to paint and make the world as colorful as possible. But he is trapped in a society that doesn’t allow him to fully express his views.

6. Mr Tielle

Photo: Instagram.com

This painting is another obvious message. Once you open up your brain and let it wander, amazing ideas come out. Just see how many colors come out of the black and white world.

7. Lala Can Fly Too

Photo: Instagram.com

For a lot of kids around the world, flying is the one superpower they want. And it is all after watching Peter Pan. He stayed a kid forever, and some kids want that as well.

8. Mindru

Photo: Instagram.com

Teamwork makes the dream work. You have probably heard that one. Well, this is an obvious display of how kids learn teamwork.

9. Tales From The Countryside part 5

Photo: Instagram.com

Seth paints mostly in Paris, the capital city of France. But he also loves the countryside. And this painting is from a series he made inspired by the countryside and its citizens.

10. Prohibited

Photo: Instagram.com

When we prohibit things to our kids, we make them find other ways to the goal. And that is how we create bad habits. We should let our kids be free and wander.

11. School II, Amis Aborigine Minority

Photo: Instagram.com

There is a social element in Seth’s paintings and murals. He often stands up for the minorities and the little man. This painting shows two minorities that should be part of the educational system as well.

12. Somewhere under the rainbow

Photo: Instagram.com

Judy Garland sang Somewhere over the Rainbow in the movie Wizard of Oz. But what happens under the rainbow? That is the real question society has to ask.

13. Brick Kids

Photo: Instagram.com

The metaphor here is just amazing. Only a true artists and professional can make a special painting like this one. Just notice how kids are losing part of themselves.

14. Beauty Is In The Street

Photo: Instagram.com

The message on the wall is actually a 2011 book of posters Prodcued by the Atelier Populaire in support of the May 1968 events in France, it was also published in the UK by Four Corners Books in 2011. With the graffiti, Seth gives his support for the book and events.

15. A mama

Photo: Instagram.com

Who is the most important figure in the life of a child? Well, his mother, of course. With this painting, Seth wanted to show how mothers protect their kids from the outside world and everything bad happening out there.

16. Alice In Paloma

Photo: Instagram.com

Before working as an artist, Seth worked in advertising and cartoons. That is probably where he got the idea for the famous children’s character, Alice and his interpretation of the story.

17. My Mountain

Photo: Instagram.com

Another painting with a “hidden” social message about kids. These Seth’s specialty.

18. Notre Dame de Paris

Photo: Instagram.com

We all know the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Well, Seth has a different idea how the cathedral should look. Do you like his view?

19. Little Prince

Photo: Instagram.com

Little Prince is one of the most famous stories ever written. A lot of people have found inspiration in it. And Seth is no different. After all, he is all about kids and helping them. And the Little Prince is one of the best children’s books.

20. Keep In Touch

Photo: Instagram.com

This painting might be a perfect display of the problems we face during the Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping in touch becomes more and more challenging. Social distance has changed the way we live.

21. Water Jousters

Photo: Instagram.com

In this painting, Seth makes a metaphor using a relatively unknown sport. Water jousting is a form of jousting where the adversaries, carrying a lance and protected with a shield, stand on a platform on the stern of a boat. The aim is to send the opponent into the water whilst maintaining balance on the platform.

22. Waiting for the perfect light

Photo: Instagram.com

Whenever you wait for something that might not come, you think of the book Waiting for Godoh. In this case, the kid waits for the perfect light. And for some kids, that is never the case.

23. Crayola

Photo: Instagram.com

Crayola is a famous company making crayons. Those little crayons help children all over the world make their world as colorful as possible.

24. Telephone

Photo: Instagram.com

Phone, that simple device that most of us use it to communicate daily. But not all kids have that same privilege. By showing these kid with phones out of camp wires, Seth shows the reality we live in.

25. Equilibrium

Photo: Instagram.com

Equilibrium is the state in which market supply and demand balance each other. To put it perfectly, it is a state of balance. The balancing effect makes the prices on the market stable. And in life, we all want to achieve that perfectly balanced state.

26. Rain Color Of June

Photo: Instagram.com

Another painting with a harsh reality in it. Kids can teach us so much. And their innocence is what makes these Seth paintings amazing.

27. Enter the Vortex

Photo: Instagram.com

The vortex is a mass of fluid with a whirling or circular motion that tends to form a cavity or vacuum in the center of the circle. It draws everything towards this cavity. And entering the vortex is at your own risk.

28. Circle Games

Photo: Instagram.com

This might be one of the best paintings by the French artist showing kids and their games.

29. Bibliotheque

Photo: Instagram.com

This is the French word for library. Not all kids have access to books, and this painting shows just how cruel that is.

30. Camsize and Friend

Photo: Instagram.com

Two children that can hang out and should hang out and be friends. But sadly not everything happens like that in life and the real world.

31.  Dirty Hands

Photo: Instagram.com

We should not think of dirty hands as something bad, right? Sometimes, hands can be dirty from colors that we use to paint the world more beautiful.

32. Breath Respire

Photo: Instagram.com

We started off with a painting showcasing kids dreaming, and we finish off on the same foot. Hopefully you liked some of Seth’s paintings. But more importantly, understand his message.



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