15 Rustic Bathroom Ideas That Will Also Satisfy Your Appetite For A Modern Look

When it comes to decorating our homes, the bathroom rarely gets to receive proper attention. After all, aside from serving as a space to store our bathroom necessities, we all know what it is for. That’s why we don’t really see it as a space that has the potential to get an aesthetic purpose by decorating it or even completely transforming it. Well, now it’s time we made this mentality switch and realise that bathrooms deserve just as much attention as the rest of our rooms.

Now that we’ve decided to finally breathe life into our place of hygiene, it’s time to decide which style would best fit it. Well, that all depends on your individual taste, really. Some of us prefer the minimalistic and Scandinavian look, others like their bathrooms to be modern and covered in as much marble as possible, some love to be surrounded by vintage elements, and others crave the rustic look of wood and bricks. Yes, everything sounds amazing. Since there are so many styles to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to choose just one.

Most of us want our bathrooms to look modern, but we can’t help but feel cold at the thought that everything would have a strong white color and sharp-looking elements. So, we try to include a few vintages or rustic elements that would bring a much-welcomed warmth into our bathrooms. It makes sense to want them to have a few decorating objects as possible since it would be much easier to clean. However, people who have a habit of cleaning it on a daily basis won’t mind even putting a few potted plants here and there.

This article is dedicated to those who have a rustic taste but also want to keep their appetite for their modern look satisfied. Here we have 15 ideas for a rustic/modern bathroom that we’re sure you’re going to love. Whether you want to bring just a few rustic elements into your bathroom or make a complete transformation, these ideas are here to help you decide.

So, without further ado, let’s help you start your journey towards your bathroom makeover.

Wooden Sink

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What better and ambitious way to start your bathroom makeover journey than this wooden sink? It looks amazing and it certainly gives that unique rustic touch. Bring in a rustic-looking ladder to hang your rustic-looking towels and some baskets to store your bathroom necessities. No need to tear your bathroom apart and start from scratch to achieve this look.

Brick Wallpaper

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We all know that a little goes a long way. Even if you don’t have a naked brick wall to bring a rustic touch to your bathroom, a brick wallpaper will do the trick. Add a wooden vanity to your already modern bathroom and you get your desired combination.

Straight Into Nature

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Imagine going home from a refreshing hike in nature only to walk into nature again. Seems serene, right? If you opt for something just like this, a complete rustic makeover is what you need; and this is the perfect idea for it.

Rustic Bathroom for Two

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Marriage is a union of two individuals who need their individual space. That’s why this idea was created, to allow each person to have their own space for their things while they’re doing their morning routine together; and what better way to add a bit of warmth into your joint morning routine than to get a huge double-sink wooden vanity?

Coffee House Rustic Bathroom

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Speaking of double-sink wooden vanities, we tend to see a lot of them at coffee shops. If you’d always liked how they looked, this might be the perfect bathroom idea for you. It’s spacious, rustic, and yet modern.

Rise and Shine

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Since morning people don’t mind a bit of brightness, they would love this bathroom style. And if you don’t consider yourselves to be among those people, this style is enough to convert you into them.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

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This is rustic and modern at its finest. The wood from the vanity cupboards will give you that farmhouse vibe while the luxurious modern vibe will come out of this amazing walk-in shower cabin.

Marble meets Wood

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Remember when we said that you could combine different styles to get your decided look? This is one instance of such a combination. Take a wooden vanity cupboard and pair it with a marble top. It may sound like marble and wood can’t go together but the actual results may surprise you.

Knock on my Rustic Door

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Another proof that one detail can transform an entire room is this wooden rustic door. You can also add other rustic elements to your bathroom, but this door is guaranteed to seal the deal.

Tiles, Wood, and Bricks

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This bathroom idea with the mighty trio of tiles, wood, and bricks will be perfect for you if you want a little bit of everything. Incorporate them wisely and you will have a bathroom everyone will admire.

Let it be Bright and Rustic

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This is the dream of everyone who loves a modern style with bright colors, but is also leaning towards the rustic side. Add a few potted plants and the room will immediately become brighter. Why keep plants in the bathroom, you ask? Well, you get to take a shower and water them at the same time.

White and Rustic Bathroom

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This idea is a bit similar to the previous one since it combines a rustic look with bright colors, but it also gives out that marine vibe due to the white bricks and the shelves connected with hemp ropes among the others. It’s one to take into consideration if you’re looking for something like this.

A Little Rustic Corner of Your Own

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Have you dreamed of owning a corner in your bathroom where you could take a bath and relax with a glass of wine and your favorite read? Well, you can literally put your bathtub in the corner, add a few rustic elements and you’ll get your dream bathroom.

Call me Ms. Rustic

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So far we’ve seen how a few rustic elements can transform your entire bathroom. Now, let’s see what happens when you decide to do a complete makeover, incorporating only rustic elements. Is will not only give you the rustic look that you’re opting for, but it’s also cosy and fairytale-like.

Complete Rustic Makeover

7ce3d13c9a7ce885d3447de157f75f63 wood tile floors stone bathtub
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And for the final complete makeover, we give you this bathroom idea. It screams “rustic” and it will definitely make you feel like you’re taking a bath at a castle or a fancy farmhouse.

These are all the ideas we’ve put together for this article for you. You can find plenty of others online, but we hope we’ve helped you narrow down your choice a bit. We hope you liked them and we can’t wait to read your thoughts and plans in the comment section below.



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