34 Hero And Myth Mash Masks By Artist Duo Noty Aroz

Noty Aroz is a French artist duo that came up with a few new heroes. They say these heroes seem to be found only by the note of fiction but what separates them from mortals is their ability to act in an extraordinary way.

And they have an interesting motto. “For us, Brad Pitt is exactly like Batman. We will never meet him in our lives. To us he is a fictional character, or at least everything we can see of him is fiction”.

And in that same spirit, they say that Justin Bieber cannot answer all the problems we have. But fiction has the capacity to go further than the real world.

In that spirit, the French duo often portrays new heroes, many inspired by the real world we live in. But they are represented as fictional heroes.

Noty Aroz started painting in an abandoned farm next to their house. They borrowed materials from a construction site, and then they repainted the walls to decorate. And once that place was destroyed and they had to leave, they continued doing Graffiti. Why? Because they like drawing in large format.

And they are famous for never giving the real version of the story of the blaze. They always give several versions and they want to stay an enigma.

1. El Murcielago

Noty Aroz El Murcielago Envoutement B4qO4SdqNQ9
Photo: Instagram.com

Fun fact: Murcielago was a Navarra fighting bull. He gained fame after Lamborghini chose to name a supercar after him and continue the passion for bullfighting the company’s founder has. The French duo used the same inspiration for their superhero.

2. El Murcielago by Combo Culture

Noty Aroz El Murcielago by Combo Culture Kidnapper BYLVTdZj16j
Photo: Instagram.com

Here is the fighting bull, this time in a more real word setting and scene. He looks like a real man here, doesn’t he?

3. El Murcielago

Noty Aroz El Murcielago BKsBJHHDA5t
Photo: Instagram.com

El Murcielago is one of the most famous series of sketches and graffiti by the French artist duo. They have used the same inspiration over and over again. Here is a compilation of some of the most interesting masks.

4. Icône El Murciélago

Noty Aroz Icone El Murcielago BrqE5Ren1TP
Photo: Instagram.com

Noty Aroz are famous for using religious elements in their art. They say that religion is very similar to fiction. We only choose different characters to worship.

5. Geroniron

Noty Aroz Geroniron h BzlSGhWoID
Photo: Instagram.com

Doesn’t this mask look like Iron Man from Marvel Comics? This is what we think when we say for Noty Aroz, every character is fiction. And they can find inspiration in everything.

6. Fleuz

Noty Aroz Fleuz B3 i85qq2rc
Photo: Instagram.com

The French duo has explained this mask. Fleuz is actually Flash, the super-hero created in 1940 and inspired by Hermes, a messenger of the Greek gods of Olympus and son of Zeus. The Flash embodies the speed. In physics, speed is a perception used to calculate a movement.

So, for humans, the Flash has the power of very high speed. But we have to remember that time is a perception. The new God, Fleuz, embodies the concept of time as an elusive material and subjective thing.

7. Fleuz

Noty Aroz Fleuz
Photo: Instagram.com

Another thing that is important about Fleuz, is that in the French duo’s eyes, he has the power to stone us just like Medusa. That is why the Greek creature makes an appearance in the mask.

8. Fleuz  3D On Board

Noty Aroz Fleuz D On Board B4NfzHtI7tP
Photo: Instagram.com

This looks like a rather simple and minimalist depiction of the God of Speed, wouldn’t you say?

9. Poue Datoh

Noty Aroz Poue Datoh B3O9MLkIhXb
Photo: Instagram.com

The French duo found the inspiration for this character from Predator, a movie released in 1987. The movie tells a story of a man played by Arnold Schwarzenegger who has to fight the Predator, a hunter coming from space. The story is all about the problematic of the food chain and the humankind place in it.

10. Poue Datoh

Noty Aroz Poue Datoh BhWwwMKgZWq
Photo: Instagram.com

For the character, Noty Aroz also found inspiration in Sub-Saharan Africa, where hunter brotherhoods are esoteric societies. They are still efficient today and they have the food chain representation on the forehead.

11. Ginteil

Noty Aroz Ginteil B0Sbe9goyr
Photo: Instagram.com

In the true comic book spirit, the duo found inspiration in the X-Men universe for this character. They used Mystique, a character that can shape shift and modify her appearance. In X-Men, the story is all about racism and integration.

But they also drew inspiration from Celtic mythology, where kelpis are feminine creatures who can shape shift from women to aquatic horses to fool the wayfarers and eat them deep in the forest lakes.

12. Star Shivar

Noty Aroz Star Shivar BdrUQOXgnXc
Photo: Instagram.com

Fans of the Star Wars movie can easily recognize this character. Storm troopers are some of the most iconic characters in Star Wars, and their masks have served as inspiration for many artists.

13. Screamses ll

Noty Aroz screamses ll BEp ecgtJoo
Photo: Instagram.com

Or Ramses, the Egyptian pharaoh who was widely considered the most powerful pharaoh in Egyptian history. He built more monuments and sired more children than any other pharaoh before and after him.

14. Zorrab

Noty Aroz Zorrab BwG7F3DBCPA
Photo: Instagram.com

This is another popular character from movies. The Legend of Zorro made Antonio Banderas a star in Hollywood.

15. Montpellier

Noty Aroz Montpellier B2ZyQ5NCHnU
Photo: Instagram.com

You can easily notice the religious elements in this mask. It looks like a mask taken from the Crusaders.

16. Mr San

Noty Aroz Mr San B1 iuMiiQt
Photo: Instagram.com

We go back to comics for this mask. It resembles Galactus, a fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics. He is a cosmic entity who consumes planets to sustain his life force.

17. Monsieur San

Noty Aroz Monsieur San IN TENEBRIS BhRuKnVgStX
Photo: Instagram.com

Here is another depiction of the same character inspired by Marvel comics. But you can also notice medieval elements in the mask as well.

18. Rencontre du Dr. Lima

Noty Aroz Rencontre du Dr Lima FEMME BcP U0Dlqh4
Photo: Instagram.com

The French artist duo finds inspiration in everything they see. And once they create a character, they love making several different versions of the same character.

19. Dr.Lima

Noty Aroz Dr.Lima BhTL4KTAoH
Photo: Instagram.com

As for Dr. Lima, you can find the source of inspiration in DC comics. This character looks a lot like Harley Quinn. She too was formerly a doctor, physician, before the Joker made her go crazy.

20. Splendido

Noty Aroz Splendido
Photo: Instagram.com

We said in the beginning that the French duo doesn’t always reveal the meaning of the painting. They add layers and layers of details and references to their masks.

21. Splendido

Noty Aroz Splendido
Photo: Instagram.com

Here is a night version of the same mask. This is one of their favorite tricks to make the same mask look different.

22. The rise of Splendido

Noty Aroz The rise of Splendido B4Co6QOFjVZ
Photo: Instagram.com

How did Splendido became Splendido? If you look closely at this painting, you can find the origins of his story.

23. Classification De La Mythologeny

Photo: Instagram.com

In their own words, the French duo explains “The divinities of the Mythologeny will come from masked characters. There are five main families of masked figures.

24. Coco Marco Bêta Cycle Antagonist

Noty Aroz Coco Marco Beta Cycle Antagonist BsDQgZojkwh
Photo: Instagram.com

Here is another mask with loads of references and hidden messages. This is one of the more mysterious masks the duo has produced.

25. Reversed tribute to Matt Groening

Noty Aroz Reversed tribute to Matt Groening BaDzF7SFBL2
Photo: Instagram.com

Noty Aroz draw a lot of inspiration for their characters from comics. And in that spirit, they wanted to pay tribute to Matt Groening, the American cartoonist, writer, producer, and animator. He is the creator of some of the iconic television series like The Simpsons, Futurama, and Disenchantment.

26. Reversed tribute to Roy Lichtenstein

Noty Aroz Reversed tribute to Roy Lichtenstein BaDzgvFHUTl
Photo: Instagram.com

Here is another man the French duo wanted to pay respect to. Roy Lichtenstein was an American pop artist who created the pop art movement in the 1960s along with Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns. His work defined the premise of pop art through parody.

27. Case 1/6 – Project Fabula

Noty Aroz Case 1 6 Projet Fabula h ByPToptiPPL
Photo: Instagram.com

Project Fabula is a series of six paintings, telling the story of the legend of El Murciélago.

28. Case 2/6 – Project Fabula

Noty Aroz Case 2 6 Projet Fabula
Photo: Instagram.com

The French duo created the character El Murciélago inspired by Batman in DC Comics. In that universe, Gotham City, the notion of Good and Evil is subject to a symbolic inversion.

29. Case 3/6 – Project Fabula

Noty Aroz Case 3 6 Projet Fabula ByUbYeaC 5
Photo: Instagram.com

In the Batman Universe, the Batman is on the good side. However, he is dark, violent, and sometimes cold. And on the other side, we have the Joker, a happy, funny, and colorful character. That is why we say we have symbolic inversion in the Batman universe. It means what should be good is express with Evil symbolism and inversely.

30. Case 4/6 – Project Fabula

Noty Aroz Case 4 6 Projet Fabula ByXK2Ymi 7J
Photo: Instagram.com

Same as Batman in DC comics, the El Murciélago character fights evil and tries to clean up the city.

31. Case 5/6 – Project Fabula

Noty Aroz Case 5 6 Projet Fabula Byro1QKi qV
Photo: Instagram.com

In the DC comics, Batman has to go through a lot of challenges. And he never fully cleans the city or achieves the sense of calmness and stress-free life.

32. Case 6/6 – Project Fabula

Noty Aroz Case 6 6 Projet Fabula ByLdVfgi48A
Photo: Instagram.com

This is how Batman becomes Batman in the Noty Aroz universe. Or Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.

33. Bambini Della Mythologeny

Noty Aroz Bambini Della Mythologeny B4mP33 IDg1
Photo: Instagram.com

We said before that in the world of Noty Aroz, “The divinities of the Mythologeny will come from masked characters”. This painting represents the kids, or the bambini of that world.

34. T-A.L.I.A.

Noty Aroz T A.L.I.A. B4IfvEdIWr
Photo: Instagram.com

We finish off with Talia, another important character in the DC Universe. We hope you liked their way of expressing art.



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