16 Inspiring Houses That Will Make You Move To The Mountains

When you think of a mountain home, what comes to mind? The image that most people have in mind is of a rustic log cabin. If a basic, rustic log cabin is your idea of a mountain escape, there’s nothing wrong with that. Мountain residences can also be sleek, contemporary, and quite stylish. A mountain house can be anything you want it to be, but there are a few things to bear in mind when you begin to design and decorate it. The characteristics of today’s modern mountain architecture are based on architectural aspects that have been around for a long time. Open floor layouts, local materials, exposed craftsmanship, an appealing color palette, and low-maintenance landscaping are timeless qualities that make mountain living simple.

Mountain houses have always been a popular vacation location, especially when you’re tired of all the work you’ve been doing and decide it’s time to get away from it all for a while. Some people consider a mountain house to be a precious possession, and owning one requires a significant financial investment. This time, we’re not suggesting that you buy a mountain house, rather give some fantastic mountain house ideas for spending the winter holidays in a large house on the mountain with your loved ones, which is a wonderful sensation. Mountain home is the ideal spot to unwind over the holidays, and you’ll be ready to get back to work refreshed and energized.

Тhere are various options for renting a mountain house оn-line. Perhaps the mountain house collections below will inspire you!

Glass House

glass house

How amazing does this house look? While you stay in the mountains, you should have a glass wall to enjoy all the beauty around you. No need to worry about privacy, just take it all in. This two stories house is ideal for you and your family to take some time off and enjoy nature. The first floor offers an open space with a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen, as well as a bedroom, and on the top floor you can use the home library as a fun room, and of course, there’s another bedroom.

Luxury Mountain House

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This is the perfect place to spend some time with your family and your friends. It’s a beautiful huge space indoors and outdoors. I love how the darker tones make it look so elegant, and the numerous windows and glass doors give you a chance to take it all in.

Tiny House

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This A-frame small mountain house is all you need for a getaway, far far away from the everyday busy life. You can have all the privacy you need and take a breather from all the distractions.

Rustic House In The Mountains

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The two-story home’s facade is made of raw wood that gives a smooth finish. The home’s aggressive lines and wide glass windows, on the other hand, give it a contemporary aspect that’s more common on a condo than on a ranch.

Scandinavian Home


This Scandinavian exterior design is a superb example of how the Scandinavian dwelling design fashion appears when everything is finished. Although they say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, these homes are also quite fashionable from the outside. True, the Scandinavian design style is popular, but only in the interior design of flats and apartments, as well as some modern homes; however, this does not rule out the possibility of good Scandinavian home exterior designs.

Contemporary Living

contemporary house
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Who’s ready for some smores? This contemporary and modern house is just what you need to have a great winter holiday and take a time off from the chaotic real life and everything that is happening in the world.

Dark Mountain House

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Black houses are attractive, and here’s a reason why you should paint your home black. This wooden black house has some depth and mystery to it and that is why it’s the perfect place to go away to the mountains.

White Stone Cottage

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White shingles and stone emphasize this charming white cottage home, which is finished with Doric columns. You have to admit that it looks like a house in a fairy tale in the woods.

Mountain Mansion

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Mountain house plans are created to make the most of your unique mountain surroundings. Huge windows and vast terraces to soak in the vistas, as well as rough exteriors and exposed wood beams, are all common elements. A mountain residence is unlike any other dwelling. This mountain mansion is everyone’s dream come true and a place so magical, you’ll never want to go back to real life.


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If you want to experience nature and life in the wilderness, this is a good way to start. It’s a wooden home in the middle of the mountain forest, with an outdoor bathroom and you’ll have to make your own fire on the stove every morning, but it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Modern Cottage

modern cottage

This cabin is a modest ranch-style house that is ideal for this year’s modern mountain architecture. Its 1970s boxy form boasts a single ridge, low-pitched standing seam metal roof that pays homage to classic Idaho farmhouse architecture while also incorporating several modern architectural elements. There are numerous large windows that give in plenty of natural light and provide breathtaking vistas.

Modern Barn House

barn house

This cabin is a modern ranch-style house that is ideal for this year’s modern mountain architecture. It’s an inspiration 1970s boxy form that boasts a single ridge, low-pitched standing seam metal roof that pays homage to classic Idaho farmhouse architecture while also incorporating several modern architectural elements. There are numerous large windows that give in plenty of natural light and provide breathtaking vistas.

Steel-framed Cabin

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A visual of a log cabin or even a brick-and-mortar building typically comes to mind when we think of a “cabin in the woods.” However, there are various advantages to a steel-framed cabin that cannot be obtained with other typical building materials.


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A wooden A-frame bungalow in the mountains is the perfect space to enjoy winter as much as you like. The big windows and glass doors will give a view to remember forever.

Modern Mountain Farmhouse

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As homeowners, you may have quite different thoughts about the style of your dream home when creating this home for your family. If one person favors modern, industrial materials like concrete and metal, while the other wants a more rustic farmhouse style with shiplap and hand-painted tile, The project, which is all about teamwork, was defined by balancing these two distinct styles.

Wooden Cabin

cabinn 1
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Cottages are frequently more finished than cabins. Cottages are painted and embellished to give them a polished appearance. Cabins are nearly always rural, but cottages can be found in both rural and urban settings. This is a very modern cottage, made out of wood and glass, as you can see, both sidewalls are made of glass, which makes it a true wonderland while you can see all the nature around you.

I hope you’ve found your favorite house in the mountains, maybe it will inspire you for real to make a change of scenery or maybe it will just give a peace of mind about the lifestyle you want to live. Please like and share with your friends, and comment down below which one is your favorite.



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