15 Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets Inspiration

While an all-white kitchen is a classic, a grey color scheme can be just as stylish. We’re seeing more and more of the clean neutral color across the home after several seasons of furniture debuts in various shades of gray. Kitchens as well. Grey cabinets, grey tiles, and grey furnishings may give a kitchen a classy feel.

Everything from the countertops to the barstools to the tilework is in various colors of gray, ranging from light to dark, rich, nearly black charcoal tones. A gray kitchen is also a fantastic base for introducing a splash of color into your interiors if you want to do so. To genuinely shine, choose simple gray pieces and contrast them with bright or light-colored objects. You can even use gray as a backdrop for brighter tones, as you’ll see.

The soothing appeal of the gray color can cool many environments and is frequently utilized in bedroom design. However, one hidden ability remains the subtle modification of kitchens. Its capacity to make a kitchen look fresh and contemporary works wonderfully for a variety of house types although it’s seldom being overlooked in favor of warmer wooden tones.

The gray’s variety and depth of hue rival many classic kitchen colors, whether merging into white, producing an industrial look, or making smooth transitions into charcoal. It provides a clean palette without the drama of white or black when paired with brighter yellows and tonal blue gradients.

Take a look at our top 15 modern grey kitchen cabinets below for some big design ideas the next time you redecorate this important space.

The Classic Grey

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This modern kitchen cabinet doesn’t look modern just because of the classic gray color. The white warmer tone in the back gives it a fresher look, and the wooden tones make the whole space seem more calming and neutral. Of course, details make this kitchen come to life, so pay attention to that.

Lighter Tones

gray 2
Photo: pinterest.com

The latest trend often mixes golden fixtures with any shade of grey. In this case, it’s the perfect match. Very light grey tones on all the cabinets, white countertops, and a backsplash that seem like a piece of wood that perfectly goes with the wooden floor. It looks so clean and so elegant and I love it!

Black And Grey

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Photo: instagram.com

This kitchen has darker tones. The base is gray with almost stone textures, and the framed black elements give that much more depth to this space. Breaking the pattern with a backsplash that has pieces of black tiles, light brown and mocha tiles, and even white tiles. It makes all the difference. And the floor matches the overall color palette.

Warmer Tones

grey 3
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One of my favorite cabinet colors. It’s a mix of grey and sand color which goes together better than you would think. I especially love the white countertop and the darker grey panel on one side of the wall. The wood handles and the shelves match the floor tiles and you can add a splash of color by decorating with your favorite vases, plates, cups, and so on.

When you have modern grey kitchen cabinets, you can ad some warmer colors. There is no need to stick to white, black, and grey color.

Mixture Of Colors

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Another popular color combination is this grey and the dark wood that is inside the cabinet, on the shelves, as well as the frame above the stove. The white countertop gives that clean look, and the subway backsplash tile goes all the way to the top. Simply beautiful. And how much do you love the wooden pieces that absolutely complete this dark grey cabinet look?

Grey And Dark Wood

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Another popular color combination is this grey and the dark wood that is inside the cabinet, on the shelves, as well as the frame above the stove. The white countertop gives that clean look, and the subway tile splash goes all the way to the top. Simply beautiful. And how much do you love the wooden pieces that absolutely complete this look?

Warm Wooden Frame On The Inside

grey 5
Photo: pinterest.com

This modern kitchen and the unique thing about it is the flow of color from top to bottom. The frame is a light wood which makes it one of a kind and very special. Needless to say that the greenery does all the magic in this space, as well as the white kitchen decorations.

Clean Grey And Marble

grey 6
Photo: pinterest.com

Sometimes kitchens like this one leave the biggest impressions. One shade of deep grey and the one-piece marble countertop and backsplash tile. No hardware, no details but the ones you put on the countertop. These wooden details are pure perfection in this kitchen design.

Very Light Grey

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This very pale grey kitchen design is beautiful. It has silver hardware and black appliances that match the window frame and I love the wall with the shiplap design. The marble countertop gives out a vibrant style and the darker grey floor tile is matching perfectly with the entire space and lighter shade of the white cabinets. As always, mix and match the details and you’ll have your dream kitchen.

Grey And Mocha

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This combination gives warmer vibes to your kitchen space, and the copper hardware and the mocha subway tile give that contrast between the stainless steel appliances. I love the marble island countertop that carries all the colors and shades that are represented in this kitchen. And last, but not least, the wooden beams give that unique rustic barnhouse style to this kitchen.

Shiny Grey

grey 7
Photo: pinterest.com

Who else loves a shiny kitchen space? This interior design is amazing because it doesn’t have too many colors in it, making the cabinets pop up because of the white floor and the glass backsplash. The kitchen window gives so much natural light so you can enjoy the view while you’re cooking or doing the dishes.

Grey And Gold

grey 8
Photo: pinterest.com

Here we have more than just a few details of gold. You can see that the faucet and the hardware are golden, but you can see that under the rim where the golden stripes are, there is space for dark gray kitchen cabinets to open. It’s incorporated in the marble backsplash as well, giving it a very luxurious look.

Home Sweet Home

grey 10
Photo: pinterest.com

I love this contrast of colors. Let’s begin with the dark grey cabinets that look perfect with the golden hardware. The wooden countertop is magnificent along the wooden shelves, it makes this space very comfy. Then there’s the scalop tile that gives this kitchen a very special look. Gorgeous.

Mix It Up

grey 11

Love this grey kitchen with a black faucet and wood details that match the countertop. The marble backsplash is the perfect contrast to break a bit analogous gray tones of the kitchen! Also, the white cabinet freshens up the entire space.

Modern Grey

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Photo: instagram.com

This is a very spacious and modern kitchen. As you can notice that one shade of grey continues throughout the kitchen and is perfectly matched with the natural wood pieces of furniture.  A dream kitchen, wouldn’t you say?

I hope you found some inspiration in these beautiful gray kitchens and got some ideas if you plan on remodeling your old kitchen or maybe even doing an entirely new kitchen project. No matter if it’s a smaller space or a big kitchen, just pick your favorite shade and the style you prefer, and the kitchen from your dreams awaits you. Don’t forget that details matter, but as well as the need for your own space. Make sure it works for you and that you love it! Make sure you like, share, and leave a comment on which is your favorite kitchen from our list. Till next time!



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