19 Cool Bedroom Ideas For 2023

Sprucing up your bedroom area may be a cool and enjoyable approach to make it both comfy and tasteful. Even something as easy as placing a blanket to the end of the bed or a little rug in the middle of the room may drastically improve the overall appearance of any bedroom. I like to think that the bedroom may represent an extension of yourself, you can personalize it and make it your own.

You must be mindful to make it a place where you’ll feel comfortable and at ease. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small bedroom or a large master bedroom. It’s worth investing in anything that creates a difference in the home while also being beneficial. Changing up your room doesn’t always have to entail a fresh coat of paint, but if that’s what you want you should go for it.

You can play with colors, choose darker or lighter colors, such as white or magnolia, which are essential in a tiny space or one that does not get much natural light. The use of such colors creates the illusion of space. When decorating a bedroom, there are many things to consider, such as the bed and bedding, pillows, furniture and fixtures, lighting, flooring, and color choices.

The bed, however, is the most significant consideration of cool bedroms. Choose a bed that fits the size of the room. Yes, that queen mattress appears to be quite comfortable, but will it fit in the room? Consider the design, comfort, and storage options provided by the bed. Designer beds are now available on the market with storage in the drawers, sideboards, and footboards, as well as beneath the bed. Pillows, blankets, carpets, and other items can be stored.

Let’s see some of the cool bedroom ideas on this great list that will surely help you find some inspiration and make your own cool space.

Natural Elements

rocky natural
Photo: pinterest.com

Natural elements bring a lot of calming vibes and peace to the bedroom design. So if you’re a nature lover, I strongly suggest that you choose a wood floor and maybe incorporate it in the bed as well. The first thing that pops out in this photo is the rocky wall, which makes it look that much more natural. Let’s not forget the greenery in the room and the lighting as well.

Steps To Your Bed

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Photo: instagram.com

If you’re dealing with a smaller space and need to use it all, this is a perfect idea. The steps to the higher level of the bed are in fact storage space, and the bed is next to the beautiful window frame, that way you can enjoy all the natural light. Remember to use bright colors in smaller spaces because it’s important to feel open and airy.

With this cool bedroom idea, you can transform your small bedroom and add lots of space.

Cozy And Comfy

Photo: pinterest.com

Who else feels like going in this bed and not leaving for a few hours? I love the fact that the wall is mostly covered in soft panels that look like a huge headboard and that all the colors match perfectly. What’s cool is that even the darker colors blend so nicely and are essential for a good night’s rem sleep.

Bedroom With Glass Ceiling

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Photo: instagram.com

Nature. Cabin. Books. Glass ceiling. Do you need anything else for you to cool down, rest your mind and soul and forget about everything that’s going on in the world? The darker tones give that dramatic moment and the greenery inside and out freshen up the whole space. Relax and enjoy!

Lately, you can see many bedroom design ideas with glass ceiling. Of course, this is even better if your modern bedroom is in nature.

Dark And Modern

Photo: pinterest.com

Going back to modern bedroom ideas, these tend to include darker colors lately just because it’s scientifically proven that even darker bedding can help you sleep better at night. The walls match perfectly with the bed, but what I love the most is the wood panel behind the bed and the lighting around it. Of course, the matching carpet brings that much warmth to the room, making it amazing and inviting.

Hampton Style Bedroom

Photo: pinterest.com

If you’re able to arrange your bedroom with furniture and elements from Hampton’s interior design you should do it. Their designs are a synonym of brightness, natural light, and letting the sunshine pour in, so you could keep your bedroom windows bare, that way the room feels airy and open. I love the wool knitted carpet and the throw blanket that breaks the light-colored pattern. Simple and clean!

Look At The Stars

254007474 300709288396095 8992046266058622524 n
Photo: instagram.com

If you like to enjoy sleeping under the stars, this is the awesome bedroom for you. The bed frame is made into the floor, so you can use the small space around you to your liking. It’s a very intimate space and has such a claiming vibe, that can make you feel like you’re camping indoors.

Amazing Luxury

Photo: pinterest.com

For all my luxury lovers, this is home decor you’re going to enjoy very much. There’s a blend of grey, wood, black colors, and silk, velvet, and smooth materials. The pop of gold on the bench and the nightstands, even on the bedding is what makes it so luxurious. No need to point out the fascinating chandelier that makes the room even more classy.

White Magic

Photo: pinterest.com

Let there be light! I love this room so much. What’s cool about it is that even it’s all white, every single piece of furniture stands out and makes the room special. Simply amazing. Cool bedroms need as much light as they can get.

Blue Elegance

153791398 903866157046591 4577129802662565239 n
Photo: instagram.com

Am I the only one that feels happy after seeing this awesome bedroom? Guess not… But how amazing are those baby blue walls and the matching bedding? The big wow effect for me is the pink and gold night lamps and the pink bedroom bench. I’m in love!


117418624 915226545639903 8664648279098102315 n
Photo: instagram.com

This is a traditional type of bedroom idea and it gives me autumn vibes just because of the pillows and the throw blanket. It’s a very calming and cozy space and very inviting as well.

Pink And Blue

94378894 234857844391471 7186970499425627712 n
Photo: instagram.com

The right combination of colors can do wonders. The light and airy bedroom have a few things to make it look warmer, like the wooden nightstands and the mirror above the bed. But the pop of pink and blue make the whole room come to life. Notice how the lamps match the blue pillows and the flowers match the blanket? Amazing!


grey and blue
Photo: pinterest.com

Pure perfection! I love that the wall looks like real stone and the white bed gives a subtle contrast to it. The flor has those grey-ish tones and the rug matches as well, but the coolest thing is the blue bedsheets that brighten up the whole room. A very modern bedroom that’s inspiring.

Bohemian Bedroom

Photo: pinterest.com

This may not be the biggest and spacious master bedroom but it sure is great. It has that bohemian/Scandy style and I love it! So many warm and natural colors and cool black features like the lamps, the vases, the throw blanket, even the picture frames.

All Natural

animal themed
Photo: pinterest.com

I feel this may look like a sanctuary to my nature lovers. The handmade bed, canopy, woven baskets and carpets, all the natural colors and greenery give this place such a natural look and make it a place to enjoy your days and night.

Romantic Pink And Rose Gold

Photo: pinterest.com

This is a very girly and romantic bedroom. The blush pink and the white tones, and all the pin-rose details make it look so dreamy. Besides the furry textures that flow throughout the entire bedroom make it look so cozy and comfy.

Costal And Traditional

163351725 164830415378055 2395928972338657769 n
Photo: instagram.com

This looks like a beach house bedroom, and I love it! The palm tree light behind the reading chair is amazing. And I love the woven covers and pillows.

Black And White

black and white
Photo: pinterest.com

Yes, black and white bedrooms always have that dramatic look, but a lot of people love it just because of that. It is all very well combined and mixed, even with the pictures and the brown bench makes the whole place even better somehow. Lovin the plant as well.

Emerald Luxury

Photo: pinterest.com

As for the end, I give this very modern and luxurious bedroom. You can notice that stone look-a-like walls are very popular and that the whole bed and the bed frame pop up above the natural wood colors. The coolest thing about it is that people usually match this kind of green with brown and warmer colors, but I adore how the pink goes so well in this bedroom.

I hope you liked some of these cool bedrooms and found some inspiration to do your own, As I’ve said sometimes a blanket makes the whole room look different. Or even a pillow that matches a flower in your room. Even better, if you already have an impressionable lamp or a flower that goes with your style. So, leave a comment down below, like and share with your friends, and let us know which is your favorite!



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