15 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas For An Artistic Home

Bohemian styles are defined by a lack of organization and a preference for carefree layers of various colors, textures, and patterns. While there are some typical behaviors connected with the bohemian look, there are no strict rules to follow, unlike with modern or minimalist styles. The bohemian look is all about being unique and unpretentious.

The bohemian look is all about being unique and unpretentious. Bohemian bedroom ideas are designed only for your pleasure. Different colors, patterns, textures, themes, and decorations are employed to create an artistic appeal in this stylish style. bohemian room design may give character, personality, and quirky appeal to a small space or master bedroom, from modern and fashionable to rustic and old. If you want to make your room look mysterious, here are some ideas.

My goal for today is to deconstruct the pieces that will assist you in creating a stunning, modern boho bedroom. What can be intimidating about boho decor is that there are so many different ways to approach the style; I go over this in more detail in my boho decor tips piece. It can also be as outrageous as you desire. When it comes to boho decor, there are no hard and fast rules. That’s also one of the things that can make it difficult. So let’s break it down and figure out how to make your fantasy bohemian bedroom decor a reality!

Perfect Bohemian Bedroom

perfect bedroom
Photo: pinterest.com

Yes, this is the perfect Boho style, and now I’ll explain why. The inviting feeling is one of the most striking qualities of the Bohemian style in interior design. A boho space feels snug and welcoming the moment you walk in, and furniture is one method to accomplish this bohemian decor. You can see how the soft and cozy blankets are ready for snuggles at any time of the day!

Bohemian Hippie Bedroom

Photo: pinterest.com

This room was part of a larger renovation of a child’s room. Everything about this room appeals to me. Everything in this room is stunning, from the wall art to the light fixtures, the plants, and all the decorations.

Wood Elements

Photo: pinterest.com

The main aspect of Boho bedroom ideas is wood. You cannot spell it differently. No wood, no Boho style.

I am continuously amazed by the warmth that a piece of wood can bring into a room. The bed frame, the nightstands, the decorative scale, the woolen basket, the macrame rug, the chandelier, and all the details that stand out against the dark wall are beautiful. And the trough blanket is one of my favorites!

Vintage Bohemian

Photo: pinterest.com

A vintage bed painted in wood color cream; vintage macrame-like bedding with matching pillows to provide a surprise element; matching art above the bed are all included in this warm and peaceful Boho vibe guest bedroom. The bohemian interior design is comfortable and inviting, and the darker and light color palette adds polish.

Modern Bohemian

modern 1

Who else loves the simplicity of this bedroom? The cleaners of the gray colors, the modern bedframe, and the pillows add a splash of color to the whole room. Especially the matching Bohemian decor in the corner and the details on the nightstands.

Chick Boho

Photo: pinterest.com

We weren’t sure how modern farmhouse and bohemian would (or could) go together, but this bedroom proves us wrong. The bed frame gives a classic farmhouse touch that is both vintage and modern. However, add a woven blanket and some plants on the nightstands, and your home has been transformed into a bohemian interior design oasis!

Inviting Boho


Where do I begin? This is a boho bedroom dream come true! Clean white walls, handmade bed, white bedding, and all the natural materials that give that special something in this bohemian design. The bookshelf is without books but with very lovely candles and decor. Then the macrame rug matches the pillow basket. The mirrors and the macrame on the wall. The handmade hat holder is beautiful. As well as the chandelier.

Dark Bohemian Bedroom

dark 1
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For all of you who love some moody bedroom vibes!!! This dark wall color is still one of my favorites. For a better description, cool tones can feel too, well, chilly! To visually balance the space, just add some warm rusty red rugs and neutral bedding. When one large rug is too expensive or the area needs a little more texture, I love layering vintage rugs. And how cool are all the details?

This chic bedroom is a perfect example that bohemian bedroom ideas do not have to be all white.

Cozy Boho

Photo: pinterest.com

Here is a room idea that appears to be very warm and inviting. Imagine yourself in your cozy bedroom, sipping a hot beverage and watching your favorite show or book. The neutral calming colors are so inviting and perfect for a relaxing day at home.

Colorful Bedroom


Color all around! It maybe looks like too much to some, but the blend of the color in this bedroom is simply amazing. First of all, the white and turquoise walls and the art left me speechless when I saw the photo. Then the patterned rug breaks the wooden floor and the yellow needing with the turquoise through blanket is simply stunning. Let’s not forget the small details like the pillows, the plants, and the decorations.

Boho In Terracotta

Photo: pinterest.com

This lovely bedroom has both a boho vibe and a rustic feel to it. The earthy tones and textures of the room are well complemented by all of the wooden furniture items. Those bohemian prints are also gaining center stage, providing both intrigue and value in terms of interior design.

Modern Grey Boho

Photo: pinterest.com

This modern gray boho room decor is one of my favorites. I love the wooden floor that makes the whole room look warmer, and the contrast between the grey and black elements. It’s the fluffy bedding for me. I can spend all day long in here and enjoy the details like the flower chandelier, the gorgeous macrame on the wall beside the black chair. Also, I simply love the greenery on the windows.

Bed Canopy

bed canopy
Photo: pinterest.com

With a Scandi-Moroccan boho design scheme, this beautiful, ethereal, chic bedroom showcases the soaring ceilings and airy dimensions. Layered monochrome textiles, a one-of-a-kind rug, a makeshift canopy made of natural wood and enormous white cotton fabric ribbons, Moroccan pompoms, and a wedding blanket cuddled together on the inviting all-white bed are all included.

Natural Boho

Photo: pinterest.com

As we said before, natural materials are the key to Bohemian flair.

Nothing is more inviting, relaxing, and close to calm as this green and wooden bedroom. The wooden bed frame and the handmade tray are amazing. You can even say that the pillows are matching with the wood. But I love how the green makes such an impactful contrast and brightness to the whole room. It goes well with all the flowers, the macrame, and all the small details.

White Magic

Photo: pinterest.com

Say what you must, but nothing says Bohemian vibe to me as a breach of pampas. This whole space is simply wonderful, but the first thing that fought my eye was the pampas tree. So, if you already have a boho-inspired bedroom, here’s a room idea to make a magical corner just for you to enjoy.

Okay, my boho lovers, I hope you’ve found some inspiration in this article. I made sure to cover everything starting from classical boho interior to vibrant colors and details. Didn’t forget ideas for my moody lovers as well and the classic white and wooden pieces. Maybe I gave you ideas to remake your bedroom or help someone re-make theirs. So I hope there’s an inspiration for every one of you and I hope you can share them with your friends, leave a comment down below, or maybe share some of your ideas that you think we like.

Enjoy your beautiful, cozy homes and until next time, take care!



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