23 Ideas For A Small Living Room that Still Has A TV

Many people place a high value on making the most of their available space. Finding the right balance of form and function, though, isn’t always simple. It necessitates a lot of care, and you may have to compromise on the colors you employ to achieve the desired effect. Persuade your eyes to believe the room is bigger than it seems. It’s not magic, it’s just solid design and layout strategy, from furniture placement to lighting arrangements, and how to make the most of every square inch of floor and wall space to avoid wasting any.

There are many ideas and tactics that can help you change your little living room into something elegant and sophisticated, regardless of how it is structured and proportioned. Though living in a small space can be challenging, there are certain advantages. A well-planned space can feel just as cozy as a larger one with all of the intimacy and warmth that comes with family life. The greatest benefit is the easiness with which you can purchase whatever you desire.

Here are some of our favorite tips for decorating a small living room that feels more spacious and inviting while still fitting in a television.

Pink and Grey

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Pink and grey are very versatile colors that create many opportunities. The combination of grey furniture with pink accessories makes the room looks larger and brighter, despite the gloominess of the grey. Combine light-toned table and chair to give the room even a brighter impression than it already has.

Strictly Toned Room

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You can play with all the tones of grey and yellow to make your small living room pop. The white elements and ceilings contrast with the grey walls thus giving the impression of a bigger room, while the furniture and the TV make it warm and cozy. Play with the pictures on the wall and the accessories on the furniture to get the best of the space.

Sandy Pink Room

small 2
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This room might look pink, but it’s beige. The tone of the color makes the room look bigger and brighter. So, don’t hesitate if you need to restyle your small room. It will look bigger and brighter, and the calmness that sand color brings, reminding you of the sand by the sea, will make this room cozier than it never was.

Splash of Colors

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Color combinations are the key to making a small room look bigger. So, use all kinds of bright colors to make the room shine. Yello resembles the sun, so why not put it everywhere you can, from the ug under the tea table, to the pillows and walls. Even the rims of the furniture painted in yellow will bring a new look to the dull furniture.

All Shades of Beige

small 5
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Attic rooms are always small. They are always thought to be cozy, but the most important thing is their styling and decoration. Have a look at this image to see how well a good combination of furniture can make a room look fabulous. A small table that can turn into a chair, a small TV stand that can turn into a table when necessary, a small sofa, and a matching chair gives you the versatility and practicality you need in a small room.

White Curtains

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We know that many of you hate curtains, but white curtains can make the room feel bigger. They let the light in and even make the light brighter. Combined with whitish furniture and light-colored elements, the curtains will make the room pop with brightness and coziness, and still, look bigger than it really is.

Dark Walls, White Elements

small 7
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Not everyone loves white walls. So, for those of you dark-walls lovers, here is the perfect combination. Keep the walls dark, but combine them with flashy white elements. It will give the room the posh element it needs, and still not feel stiffened, but fancier. The additions in different colors will make the room pop even more.

Silver Room

small 8
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Yes, a silver room is something you never thought of, because silver is considered flashy and blingy. But if it’s in the right tone and the right amount of flash, it will create an impression of a bigger room and will make the room pop with brightness and style.

Small Chairs, Armchairs, and Round Table

small 9
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One of the keys to the good decoration of a small room is the size of the furniture. Carefully choose the furniture before you put it in the room. Measure strictly and accurately, have different combinations in mind, and don’t be afraid of smaller items. Have two smaller chairs, instead of one big, choose a folding table, or a couch that can turn into a bed to make you feel even more comfortable.

Big Windows

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If the room is small, let the windows be big. Big windows bring more daylight into the room, so why not use this feature. Make sure you don’t cover them up with curtains and decorate them with flowers in different colors to make the room pop. Also, choose brightly colored furniture to get the full look.

Splash of Light

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The low window is a great idea for a small room. It doesn’t have to go to the floor, only lower than the usual windows. Combined with white walls and contrasting furniture, it can bring a splash of light at any time of every day you spend here. Rustic modern lights will only complete the look.

Shelf-rounded TV

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A small room usually lacks storage space. This idea of shelves around the TV is a great way to add some spice to the room to put in all the decorations you need, especially around the holidays. The small table of two parts that fold into each other gives it even more versatility and used space than you have ever thought about.

Cool Centrepiece

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The focal point of modest living rooms is usually a television or a fireplace. Arrange your furniture around the fireplace, or if you don’t have one, position the TV on top of it. Do not purchase a complete set of sofas. In a small living space, the fewer sofas, the better. The greatest solution is L furniture. Colors that are light and neutral should be used.

TV in the Jungle

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Never think that there’s no room for plants in a small space. Put the TV in the center and surround it with tons of plants. They will make you feel cozy and fill the room with freshness. You can put them on the shelves, or in the corners to save even more space.

Golden Autumn-Inspired Pillows

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Golden tones can give calm vibes to a room. But, also, they can brighten up a dark room, and widen a small room. The visual impression is perfect if you combine dark grey with sparkling gold. It will make the room shine and the smallness disappear.

Snow-white by the Sea

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What’s brighter than a house by the sea? A white room in the house by the sea. Use all white furniture to make this small room shine bright like a diamond in your house by the sea. The rays of sunshine will give it a special look and the blueness of the sea will complete the feeling of the breeze you always get when relaxing in your own heaven.

Fancy Room

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Dark-designed walls, dark features, and grey furniture are very much “in” nowadays. Combine them in your small room to reflect your refined style and give you a fancy room you’ve always wanted. Make sure you play with lighter and darker tones to get a perfect balance.

Built-in TV and Book Shelf

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Built-in shelves and cupboards always save tons of space, which makes them perfect for small rooms. You can style them as you wish and really incorporate everything you want and need in a single built-in shelf. Giving the central position to the TV will only make the room cozier and make you happier.

Concrete Walls

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Concrete is the element of futurism. If you love this style, you can use concrete in small rooms as well. Thin concrete blocks on the wall, decorated with small circles and unrefined as much as they can be will give the room the modern vibe you’ve been looking for.

Corner Fireplace

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Corners are usually the most underused space in the room. But, for a small room, they can be space-saving. Have a look at this idea of a corner fireplace with a TV on the top. Doesn’t it look fabulous? It makes more room for the other furniture and uses the space wisely.

Small Furniture -Big Space

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Although we all might think that small furniture is not practical, it can really make a difference in smaller rooms. It has the same function but gives the much-needed room to breathe. A combination of several pieces of smaller furniture can give you more usable space without crowding the room. And, you can still fit in a TV.

Minimalistic Room

small 254
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A TV, a couch, an armchair, and a lamp? What else do you need in a small room? Turn this little corner of your house into a cozy little living room where you can relax and watch your favorite TV shows over and over again. Choose the right lighting and enjoy.

Summer in the Room

small 3
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If you missed the summer all year long, with this idea you can bring it into your room. The palm-themed wallpaper can brighten up the whole room, and the pink furniture can bring light into the gloom. Make sure you use the right amount of pillows and decorations and accessories to complete the coziness of the room.

Now that you’ve seen our ideas, get inspired and redecorate your small living room to fit in everything you need and still look spacious and big. Of course, share your ideas in the comments below.



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