28 Easy Wall Painting Ideas For Effortless Room Transformation

Painting the walls in the home is usually done for refreshing and, in a way, sanitizing the space. What most people fail to remember is that how you paint the room and what colors you use can greatly change the entire appearance and feel of the room. That is why today you’ll see some easy-to-do wall painting ideas and tips that will give new life to your walls.

There are many easy ways to paint a wall, as you’ll see here, however, what you see in the picture might not look well for your space, no matter how much you like it. So before you start anything make sure you have a plan or idea on what you want to do with the room and make sure that the layout, size, and lighting of the room will work well with the design you’ve chosen.

So before you start any painting project, make sure you check this very helpful instruction on wall painting optics.

wall painting 14
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While these instructions apply for painting entire walls or sections of walls in different colors, they can also give you an idea of how the wall paint you plan on making might do to the optics of the room. It is a simple matter of choice and placement, but it makes a great amount of difference.

While most wall designs shown here might look difficult or too intimidating to even try, let’s say that for most of them you don’t need a steady hand, just a lot of rolls of masking tape or something else that is less adhesive, since you’ll need to remove it from the wall without leaving glue stains behind or peeling off the paint with the tape.

Now, let’s see some lovely wall painting ideas that even the most art-challenged can do and look absolutely amazing in the end.

The Striped Tent

wall painting 1
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Circus lovers would love this wall paint pattern. Horizontal lines from the floor to the ceiling, further converging to the middle of the ceiling. You’ll need to make broader and narrower lines of darker and lighter shades with white lines in-between, which you won’t even have to do if you’re starting from a white base. The masking tape will do the job for you. Painting the ceiling might be tricky, but the end result is worth the effort.

Colorful Squares

wall painting 2
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You might know about color blocking in fashion, but these color blocks will make just as much a statement for the room as your clothes would do for you. Making a grid with masking tape, you can easily paint each square in different colors, shades of a single color, or just one color. Once you remove the tape, you’re left with a colorful grid that gives some depth to a dull wall.

Envelope Pattern

wall painting 3
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This simple design is quite popular for bigger bedrooms or children’s rooms since it plays around with color and dimension, and it looks pretty cool. You can choose different color schemes, and you can even embellish different triangles with additional shapes.


Chevron Streak

wall painting 4
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The zig-zag chevron pattern is also a popular classic in wall painting for those who want a bit of an edge to their room. It can be done in different ways, but again, the masking tape is the simplest. You can make one or two colors with accent lines, like in this example, or do them in different widths. Just don’t make them too thin, since looking at them can become overwhelming.

Geometric Color Piece

wall painting 5
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Depending on where you place the color piece it can tighten, lower or accent the back wall of the room, as shown in the illustration above. Geometric patterns are mostly used for this design, but you can go for straight lines or even floral prints. Whatever suits you best.

Hallway Lengthening

wall painting 6
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Narrow hallways can seem too restricting, and it might seem counterintuitive to make them even longer, yet you’ll be surprised by how much more pleasant the hallway will seem once painted with a bright, fun pattern. And remember, horizontal lines make it look longer, and vertical lines make it look higher.

Diamond Pattern On Narrow Wall

wall painting 7
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Don’t know what to do with a narrow protruding part of the wall? Use it as an accent piece of your home. Paint the wall adjacent to the short wall in the color of your choice, and create diamond shapes on the narrow part of the wall in colors that are in the same color spectrum as the chosen one.

Pastel Geometric Patterns

wall painting 8
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Here is another quite popular and easy wall painting. These large geometric shapes are very easy to outline and by choosing soft, light pastel colors, your room will feel warm and cozy. A great choice for a bedroom or a living room.

Golden Burst

wall painting 9
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This pattern really only works if you’re planning a do a really dark wall. The white diagonal triangle with golden edges gives the effect of a laser beam or a streak of light bursting from one point to the wall. It is a neat effect, but be mindful of where you choose to put such a dark wall.

Striped Ombre

wall painting 10
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Doing a perfectly blended ombre effect of one color on a wall might be challenging even for experienced wall painters, let alone for someone who barely touches a paintbrush. The easiest thing to get that ombre effect without actually doing color blending is to take paint in one color and some white color. Create as many vertical or horizontal lines n your wall, and paint each section with a slightly lighter shade of the color, by adding some white each time. You’ll be surprised by the efect.


Bricked Chaos

wall painting 11
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Don’t you love things that while making them seem like complete nonsense, yet the end result floors you? Sometimes you have to trust the process. Wild strokes of the paintbrush, in different colors and shades, can turn into some pretty impressive brickwork, if you do the grid with narrow masking tape beforehand. It does look sweet, doesn’t it?

Shadow Play

wall painting 12
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Lines and silhouettes are another popular choice when you want to do dark accent walls. This pattern is lovely because you get a drastic optical change of the space and the thin geometric lines give a bit of a modern touch.

Accent Arches

wall painting 13
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You don’t have to paint the entire wall to create a lovely accent wall. You can use the items you plan on hanging on the wall and create your art around them. Arched shapes around an accent piece on the wall like a clock or a mirror will look like pillars or structures within a structure, creating an interesting illusion.


Shelving Shapes

wall painting 15
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It is normal for walls to have something hung on them like framed pictures, mirrors, shelves. We can’t always expect a bare wall to do art on. Don’t let that stop you. Paint some fun shapes around the shelves. It will definitely fill up the space and add fun colors to the room.


Ombre Circled Shelf

wall painting 16
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Like the previous one, you can go a step further and create an entire functional accent wall, by incorporating art from paint and shelves. You can try different shapes, triangles, and squares or even a combination of several shapes connecting and enclosing the shelves you have. The ombre effect is a bonus for sure.


wall painting 17
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We all need that little ray of sunshine in our lives, and what better way to be reminded of that than having a big shining sun greeting us whenever we enter our bedroom?

Ombre Scalops

wall painting 18
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Scallops must be included in our list of easy designs. You can draw them by hand or use a half-circle cardboard cutout or something similar as a stencil to make each piece identical. This design will be perfect for kids rooms, for girls who like mermaids or boys who like the sea.


Blue Beehive

wall painting 19
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Hexagon patterns are quite lovely, but people are doubtful of making them themselves since they can easily get messed up. Masking tape comes to the rescue again. It might take some time to create the exact pattern you like, but the end result will undeniably be remarkable.


Family Tree

wall painting 20
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Unfortunately, with our smartphones, hanging pictures on the wall from family members is a fast-fading tradition. If you’re among those who still find this lovely and meaningful, you can turn your framed picture wall into a true family tree.


Big Stripes, Small Stripes

wall painting 21
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If making shapes is too big of a hassle for you, try lines. Just dark lines. Bigger ones, smaller ones, create your own pattern to give some dimension to narrower walls.


Black And White

wall painting 22
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This design will elongate your room and draw the eye to the top of the room. It is a good choice if you have some shelves with ornaments or pictures on the adjacent wall, so that your eye will always be drawn to them.


That 70’s Look

wall painting 23
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Nostalgic for the 70′ or are just looking for a groovy pattern? Painting your room in such bright, bold colors is definitely a statement. The swirly lines are easy to recreate, so if you like this, try it. We just recommend you skip the shag carpet.

Faux Bricks

wall painting 24
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There is something very appealing and lovely about brick walls and brick patterns. They’re just so rustic and inviting somehow. Creating the brick pattern yourself is a lot easier than you thought. There are two simple ways to get that brick effect, one with masking tape that you paint over with red brick color, or use a sponge, dip it lightly in paint and just stamp on your brick wall. For a more realistic brick wall look, you can find a lot of interesting tutorials online.

Stencil Flowers

wall painting 25
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Most of our ideas are possible to recreate with masking tape. Another great way to create lovely wall paintings is using stencils. Make them yourself from sturdy plastic sheets or cardboard, by cutting out the shape you want and painting over the black spaces. Just be careful of drips and spills.


Doily Stencil

wall painting 27
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Doilies make lovely patterns when painted over on a wall. This is fine when you want to paint over the wall and leave some white pieces or shapes out. Those are the two ways of stenciling. Eiter you create the shape you want with paint, or paint the wall and get the shape you want to be removed from under the paint.

Stamped Tribal Pattern

wall painting 28
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So, masking tape, stencil and now we have stamps. Like with the example with the faux bricked wall, you can make any shape you want and stamp a pattern on the wall. It’s good for covering the entire wall without the shapes that you don’t want to seem too perfect, or too random… Just close enough. It can also be a repetitive process, so be prepared to get relaxed or very anoyed.


Stamp Roller

wall painting 29
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You can get these very handy stamped rollers in many home improvement stores in a lot of different designs. It looks easy to use, but you have to be very, very careful, not to overlap each section. If done right, it will look amazing.

Rainbow Burst

wall painting 30
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Arched rainbows are boring. Make it burst through the ceiling and across the wall. A fresh pattern design that will bring color to your day each time you enter the room.

That’s all the ideas we have for now. We hope these designs and tips will be an inspiration for your next home renovation project and will make your home a lot homier and happier place. What is your favorite wall painting idea and pattern? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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