23 Posh, Cozy, and Fancy Grey Bedrooms

The bedroom is decorated to mirror the mood we want to achieve. In recent years, grey has been a perennial favorite for decorating practically every area. Because of its adaptability, it is a timeless color that never goes out of style.

Grey is an unappreciated bedroom color since it is such a versatile tone that goes with almost every accent color. While some may find it monotonous and drab, it actually adds to the appeal of modern bedrooms! It’s a versatile color that can evoke a range of moods depending on the shade. It is the new favorite color, and it’s edgy and current while remaining timeless and traditional. It’s that wonderful little black dress you’ve been putting off wearing in public.

A grey bedroom could be exactly what you need. ‘This ultra-versatile neutral has more to it than you may imagine,’ explains Charlotte Cosby. ‘There’s more to this ultra-versatile neutral than you might imagine, between bright greys and dark greys, warm greys and cool greys – and not to mention all the greys in between,’ she adds. The bold grey tones emphasize the room’s characteristics, while the powerful grey tones provide a striking effect in your bedroom. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re searching for something dark and menacing, light and airy, patterned or plain.

If you want to develop a design that stands out from the crowd, these considerations will urge you to pick a stylish decision for constructing a smart bedroom.

Love Grey

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Love is all around. And if you love grey in your new bedroom, combine it with a light brown hardwood floor and simple light above the bed in golden tones. Of course, the word LOVE over the bed will complete the feeling.

Grey – Brown – Blue

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Grey can become dull if you put in too much of it. But, what if you play it around with some brown and navy blue? Take a look at this design combination and get inspired. The combination of perfect tones will make the room pop with a modern hue.

Over the Moon

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What is greyer than the Moon? Well, if you agree that the answer is nothing, this can be a great theme for your new bedroom. Inspired by the Moon, play with the tones of dark and light grey to get the perfect balance of your new stylish bedroom. A picture of the moon on the wall will only complete the look.

Sunny Grey

Photo: citrineliving.com

If you thought that grey color will give you darkness and gloominess in the room, think again. This wonderfully designed room shows exactly the opposite. If you choose the right tones and color combination, the grey can really shine a light on your new favorite room.

Dark and Light

Photo: bestinamericanliving.com

For all of you that have a room facing the backyard, equipped with very low windows, play with the light. Choose a darker color for the walls, lighter carpet, and let the natural light do its magic. You will certainly enjoy it.

Grey with Pink Hues

Photo: ashlinakaposta.com

Grey is really a color that can be combined with almost every other color. But, somehow, baby pink and light grey make one of the best color combinations for all grey lovers. So, if you chose to have your room all in grey tones, make sure you distract the greyness with some baby pink colored pillows or bedsheets. It will make your room shine.

Grey and Yellow

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Yellow is the color of spring. If you got tired of the gloomy winter, brighten your new grey room with yellow pillows and some yellow flowers on the door or by the bed. Combined with white sheets it will really bring light and sun to your home.

All Shades of Grey

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Mixing all the tones of grey is not such a bad idea, after all. Choosing the right tones and combinations can incorporate all shades of grey in your new cozy bedroom. Make sure you brighten up the space with some light green or blue tones to make the grey pop and shine.

Princessy Grey

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It’s time for your little princess’s room makeover. To please her wishes as a growing young lady and still keep your little princess with you opt-out for this lovely combination of grey, silver, and white. To complete the princessy look, put some final touches in purple.

Festive Grey

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A romantic or festive evening cannot go without any lights or candles. And if you are afraid to use candles, these Christmas lights gently laid on your new grey bed will do the work. It’s festive and romantic all at once. Complete the style with a vase of light pink roses and furry pillows to feel even more comfortable.

Grey and Black

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You can’t decide between grey and black? Why not use both? If you have your bed in black, use grey bedsheets. And if you have the bed in grey, carefully choose the best suiting dark grey or black bedsheets to get the perfect combination of your two favorite colors.

Stylish Grey

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A combination of all shades of grey can make a very calm and tranquil atmosphere. Lighter and darker tones will surely keep the room vibrant, and the overall greyness will bring the tranquility and calmness that you most need in your bedroom.

Bright Grey

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Give light to your grey-painted walls with a light-colored carpet and bright curtains. Although they are not white, they perfectly enlighten the room. The rustic bed with white linens makes it feel even more comfortable to enjoy it.

Vintage Grey

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Do you miss that cozy room in your nana’s village? Well, instead of missing it, make it. These cozy-looking curtains and a higher bed will give you the right feeling, and the grey room will only enhance the feeling that you miss. Combined with vintage furniture and a vintage lamp will give this room the coziness it requires.

Royal Grey

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Gold is not the only royal color. Grey can become royal too if combined with the right tones of green or red. So, if you have a large bedroom and enough budget, or if you’re skilled enough to manage the budget, this idea will make the perfect combination for you. Don’t hesitate to create it and enjoy it.

Grey and Green and White

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A room full of colors in pastel and some grey hues can really become a room full of life. Combine grey with pastel green and white to get the life balance you need, so that every time you enter the room you feel cozy and ready to relax and get a good rest.

Grey Orange

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Orange is the new black, or maybe the new grey. Well, combine them together to get the perfectly comfortable color combination for your cozy bedroom. It will make it gloomy to get to sleep easier, and light enough to make you rise and shine the next day. Green plants in the corners will only enrich the feeling.

Dark Grey Fireplace

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A big fireplace in a glass room is always a great idea. However, you have to avoid getting the wall dirty and stained. So, the best way to make yourself easy in life is to paint the fireplace grey. Choose lighter or darker grey to suit your style and make sure you brighten it up with shite or lighter grey linens to make the room shine.

Posh Grey

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As we said at the beginning grey is a very versatile color. This idea will show you how to make your grey room look posh and elegant all at once. Choose a multicolor carpet, and a matching painting on the wall, some modern stylish lights, and cozy pillows. Blend everything together and you’re all set. The elegance will simply pop out of everywhere.

Beige Grey

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In a contemporary light grey room with gentle tones, the bed in beige reveals comfort. A warm grey that blends well with other neutrals for a cozy layered aesthetic can make a room feel more inviting and cozy. Playing with tones of both grey and beige will bring your favorite cappuccino color right into your bedroom.

Industrial Grey

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Industrial style is very popular in the last years. Chubby-painted walls and rustic floorings bring coziness to the room and elegance to the space. If your bed is made of pallets, cover it with grey striped linens and matching pillows to give the room the best feeling of cozy and a touch of elegance.

Silver Grey

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Not all grey is silver, not all silver is grey. This and the following combinations are incorporating silver and grey and gold and grey to make your room pop with light and elegance. Stainless steel elements with light grey bed and linens, combined with almost white carpet give this room the elegance it needs and the coziness it desires.

Golden Grey

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Gold grey, yes. It’s a thing. It’s actually a hue of beige into the grey that if combined with silver makes it pop like it really is gold. This combination is perfect for darker rooms to make them brighter and lighter. With the right contrast of the flooring, the room will certainly shine.

These were the ideas for a grey bedroom that we selected for you. If you liked any of them, and they really are good, get inspired and get ready for the perfect room makeover you have ever had. And don’t forget to share your ideas and your work with us in the comments below.



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