36 Cute And Colorful Cubism By Brazilian Artist Romero Britto

Born in October 1963, Robero Britto is a Brazilian artist, painter, and sculptor. He combines elements from different movements for his artwork. While many call him a Cubist, he combines cubism with pop art and graffiti painting in his work.

He is recognizable for his use of vibrant colors and bold patterns as a visual expression of happiness, hope, and dreams.

He lived and grew up among a big family. But his innate creativity allowed him to fill his life with images of a bigger and more beautiful world beyond his own.

From his young age, Britto painted what he saw and what he imagined. He painted on surfaces such as newspapers, cardboards, or any scraps that he could find at his early age.

Since 1989 he moved to Miami, Florida. In 2020, it was announced that a biopic of his life will be produced by the same company that filmed the biopic on Walt Disney Walt Before Mickey.

1. Cloud Nine

romero britto Cloud Nine BfLV1czHZc6
Photo: Instagram.com

Happiness and love are two topics that dominate in Romero’s art. That is why we start with a colorful artwork by the Brazilian artist.

2. Lovely Puppy

romero britto Puppy Lovely BodzfYUnoyC
Photo: Instagram.com

Puppies spread happiness. They give us unconditional love. Those are two things that Romero would love people spread as well. Sadly, that is not the case. But we can only hope, right?

3. It’s For You

romero britto Its For You
Photo: Instagram.com

Bringing flowers to the loved one. It is just amazing how Britto can make simplest gestures look amazing by using Cubism.

4. Green Eyes

romero britto Green Eyes BX
Photo: Instagram.com

We said in the beginning that Romero painted on newspapers and everything he could find when he was young. After he got famous, he didn’t forget his beginnings. That is the reason you see newspapers as the basis for the body of this green-eyed girl.

5. Elephant

romero britto Elephant B35 WVKl0fH
Photo: Instagram.com

One of the best parts about Romero and his work is the colors. Back in the days, Cubism was more of a philosophical movement. Artists tried to express complex feelings and wake up our emotions. Britto, on the other hand, uses Cubism to bring colors to our boring life.

6. Trinity

romero britto trinity B37zehGID U
Photo: Instagram.com

Trinity is one of the central doctrines in life. It is the central philosophy in Christianity, the Holy trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. But it is a trinity in everything else. For example, in life, it is mind, body, and soul.

7. Peaceful Reflections

romero britto PEaceful Reflections BSn 7Cg8vN
Photo: Instagram.com

Just look at the expression of this young lady. She looks happy, doesn’t she? That is the main goal of Romero, to show as many happy people as he can.

8. Mona Lisa

romero britto MOna Lisa BfRRenCH0zf
Photo: Instagram.com

It takes a lot of courage to try and make your own variation of one of the most famous paintings in history. But Britto manages to deliver a completely different version of Mona Lisa. One that is colorful, happy, and joyful.

9. Lion

romero britto Lion BWvSp71HISn
Photo: Instagram.com

Robero paints a lot of animals. He loves painting animals but using a technique that is combination of Cubism and graffiti. And that is how we get these unique creatures.

10. Einstein

romero britto Einstein Be4GGfgnUec
Photo: Instagram.com

Britto is master for making some of the most serious people look happy and joyful. Take Einstein, for example. We always see him depicted as this serious scientist. But not here.

11. Cheek To Cheek

romero britto Cheek To Cheek BauZhnqnaNn
Photo: Instagram.com

Love can be so simple and joyful, don’t you think? That is one of the core messages in Romero’s art. He pays attention to the little things, like a hug.

12. American Beauty

romero britto American Beauty 2166361044179854094 B4QdeRNlaMO
Photo: Instagram.com

Britto is a Brazilian artist who moved to the United States in 1989. So, he got a taste of the American culture and traditions. And in America, it is all about the colors of the flag.

13. Tomorrow

romero britto tommorow BlKbafYBfrs
Photo: Instagram.com

When looking at this art, we might think do not worry what tomorrow brings. Enjoy the moment, in this case, your time with loved ones. Definitely a motto to live by.

14. Our Lady Patron Saint Of Brazil

romero britto Our Lady Patron Saint Of Brazil B3ccM7Fg8BM
Photo: Instagram.com

This is a beautiful depiction of the Lady Protector of Brazil. But the most important part is that even a religious painting has to have a lot of hearts floating around. Love is in the air.

15. Martine Zinn

romero britto Martine Zinn BroS 3VhNC9
Photo: Instagram.com

You just have to love how Britto can combine different styles in a single artwork. You have cubism and graffiti all in one.

16. Last Supper

romero britto Last Supper B3Bgai3nbER
Photo: Instagram.com

We said before that Romero often loves to paint serious images and give them a new life. He copies some of the most famous works. And unlike the real Last Supper, this one doesn’t have an ounce of sadness and melodrama.

17. Funfair

romero britto Funfair Bw4KEr8helb
Photo: Instagram.com

You know what FunFair is, right? It is an event, held outside, where people come and pay for attractions. They ride on various machines for amusement. And these events are always colorful and entertaining.

18. Dylan’s Candy Bar

romero britto Dylans Candy Bar BzC2sd nyiQ
Photo: Instagram.com

Here is Romero paying homage and tribute to one of the more famous candy shop chains in the US. The brand has shops in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, and many other places.

19. Beautiful Evening

romero britto Beautiful Evening Bkkmd7YlboF
Photo: Instagram.com

This is definitely a great evening. And give Romero props for making it look as colorful as it can be. Don’t you wish you experience such an evening with your loved one?

20. Amazonia

romero britto Amazonia B1d5idmHaas
Photo: Instagram.com

Amazon is the river floating through Brazil. And we all know about the condition it is in. Due to climate change and human behavior, Amazon is in danger. And the animals living in Amazonia even more. This is Britto’s way of showing support for the region.

21. Toast To Love

romero britto Toast To LOve B2MZL0Ql0VS
Photo: Instagram.com

We said that love is one of the central topics in Romero’s art. Let’s raise our glass for love and hope more people can find it.

22. Love Me Tender

romero britto Love Me Tender h BhmCgaGFmbZ
Photo: Instagram.com

Romero is a genius at showing love and its beauty in his paintings. We love him for it.

23. Freedom

romero britto Freedem B2RVEjfnXN
Photo: Instagram.com

What is freedom for you? How do you think we can achieve freedom in the world? Romero is one of the big supports for world peace and freedom. But not all nations feel the benefits of freedom.

24. Duke And Grace

romero britto Duke And Grace BosR7kYBAQJ
Photo: Instagram.com

We said Romero is a big fan of animals. Well, here are his puppies. Don’t they look cute and adorable?

25. Beautiful Mind

romero britto BEautifu MInd BJ
Photo: Instagram.com

Happiness and colors are part of Romero’s artwork. And he is one of the few artists that truly loves to show us the beautiful mind we have.

26. Beach Party

romero britto Beach Party BXRi9eYBtBY
Photo: Instagram.com

For Romero, Love is Love. As long as two people love each other, he sees no problem in their gender. And that is how love should be.

27. Animal Dog

romero britto Animal Dog h
Photo: Instagram.com

We said before that Britto loves painting animals. And his Cubism is all about animals. Painting animals in unique shapes, different than what we have seen before.

28. Teddy Bear

romero britto Teddy Bear Bd BE70HRMY
Photo: Instagram.com

Every child has a favorite teddy growing up. We sleep with our teddy, we cuddle with our teddy. Our teddy is there to comfort us while we are sad. But he is also there in our happy moments.

29. Nature in Harmony

romero britto Nature in Harmony BwhsPlmB7WM
Photo: Instagram.com

One reason fans love Romero is because he supports harmony between all living beans. That includes animals, plants, and humans. He believes we should all live in harmony, and not take advantage of one another.

30. Moon Struck

romero britto Moon Struck h Bbl9lI6HZvA
Photo: Instagram.com

For many couples, moon struck is one of the most romantic moments. Britto managed to capture it in this painting and make it as memorable as it can be.

31. Love Circle

romero britto Love Circle
Photo: Instagram.com

Here is another couple that spreads love, joy, and happiness. Romero is all about spreading happiness through his colorful paintings.

32. Huggable

romero britto Huggable BWfMUw4HFfO
Photo: Instagram.com

Don’t you just wish to hug this teddy bear the moment you see him? Britto is master at waking up our emotions and make us happy.

33. Follow Me

romero britto Follow Me B0BSAObHIL8
Photo: Instagram.com

In some relationship, women take the lead. In others, men take the lead. But it doesn’t matter as long as they are happy. We need to follow our loved one to the very end.

34. Love Birds

romero britto Love Birds h BiCXZXEniBs
Photo: Instagram.com

We said before that this Brazilian artist makes no difference when it comes to love. People of same gender or animals, he doesn’t make a difference. For him, love is love. And he tries to spread the love harmony all around.

35. Couples

romero britto Couples
Photo: Instagram.com

This scene is like right out of a dance movie. That is how good Romero is at painting emotions and romantic scenes. You think it came out of a movie.

36. Nova Dia

romero britto Nova Dia B3apQGCpOG7
Photo: Instagram.com

Fun fact: Britto donated this painting to Baptist Hospital and it now hangs outside of the NICU Family Lounge. The painting is in memory of Isabel Riley Ramirez. The painting is a reminder to spread joy and happiness in the world we live in.

37. Romero Britto

romero britto h B2efunPnFBd
Photo: Instagram.com

As you can see, Romero is an artist who himself lives in a colorful world. And that is how he views the world. He hopes one day we will all live in a happy and colorful world.



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